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Cricut Design Space IPad Vs Laptop Computer: Which Device Is Better To Use? [2022]

Cricut Design Space IPad Vs Laptop Computer

Design Space by Cricut IPad vs. Laptop Computer: Which Device Is Better To Use?

A Laptop computer or an iPad might be better for you, but you might not know which one is better. Cricut Design Space is compatible with both the iPad and the Laptop computer (even with Android).

There will be a lot of things we will talk about in this post.

IPad and laptops/computers both have the same features.

IPad and laptop computers only have features that are unique to them.

There is a more important question: Which device is better for Cricut Design Space?

What people often ask about the Cricut is what they want to know about it.

Then let’s start right away.

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Cricut Design Space: iPad vs. laptop computer

In order to design and make your projects, you can use both a computer with a keyboard and an iPad. If you want to contour and cut and write at the same time, you can do both at the same time. You can also flatten to print, then print and cut. You can also add images, fonts, and more.

Even though a lot of the features of the design space are only available on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone), some are only available on a laptop computer, and some are only available on an Android app. This is where we’ll go over everything else.

You have to think about the things that you can’t live without. When you want to make your own designs,

The features of Cricut Design Space that are different on an iPad and a laptop computer

The table below shows the different features that can be used on a computer or laptop (Windows/macOS) and on an iPad or iPhone iOS version of the app.

As you can see, there are some features that are unique to each type of device. Look at the most important ones.

Unique features of the Cricut Design Space can only be used on a computer or laptop.

The computer version (Windows or Mac OS) has pattern fills, pre-made templates, curve text, knife blade cutting, project management, and more. If you don’t know these, we’ll go over them below:

Pattern Fills: You can apply pattern fills to any of your text or picture layers that you want to use in a pattern The Cricut Design Space pattern library has hundreds of patterns, or you can make your own.

When you work in Design Space, templates can help you figure out how big and how well your project will look.

Curve Text: The curve tool in the design panel on your Windows or Mac lets you bend your text. It makes the text stand out. This is how it works. There are a lot of things you can do with this feature, like make a shirt that looks good. Tips: You can save your curved text as an image so you can use it on an iPad, too.

Knife Blade cutting: You can use a Knife Blade to cut through materials that are up to 3/32′′ thick with ease and safety. This can’t be done on the iPad.

Project collection: Helps you keep track of your projects. It’s very much like having folders on your computer where you put your files and data. But on Cricut, you don’t have folders. Instead, you have collections where you can easily keep track of your projects.

Offset: with the offset feature, you can make a layer of your design bigger or smaller, whether it’s text, images, or a combination.

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Unique Cricut Design Space Features Available Only on iPad, iPhone (iOS)

This isn’t to say that the iOS app doesn’t have some features that aren’t available on the Mac or Windows version, like 3D layer visualization, photo canvas, smart guides, and Snapmat. In case some of these are new to you:

SnapMat: You can take a picture of your material on the cutting mat to see how the image and text will look. Thus, you can see the layout as if it were a real mat. You can change your shape over the snap mat picture.

Smart Guide is a feature that helps you place things on the canvas in relation to other things. On Android, you can also use this feature, but you can’t use it on a laptop computer.

The 3D layer visualization helps to show the designs in the most realistic and efficient way possible by giving them a three-dimensional look. This makes it easier to make new product designs.

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For Cricut Design Space, what kind of device should you use to work?

They only have iPads. People first design their projects in Procreate. Then, they move it to Design Space and make changes. There are some people who only use a laptop computer for everything else. Another computer of people uses both an iPad and a laptop.

When it comes down to it, there are two important things to consider. Do these things:

People make their designs with a lot of different software, apps, and devices. Which one do you use most? In general, laptop computers are easier to work with if you haven’t used anything else yet.

Any features that are important to you but only available on a laptop computer or on the iOS (iPad) version of Cricut Design Space are important to you. Take a look at the table above. If you’re going to use any features that are only available on a certain type of device, that will help you figure out the answer to your question.

There are a lot of apps that can be used with the Cricut machine.

It is very easy to use Cricut with an iPad, and you can get it very quickly if you only have an iPad. However, you may run into some of the iOS and iPad’s limitations when it comes to what you can do in the iOS version of the Cricut Design Space app. The iPad won’t be able to use some of the tools that are only for the Cricut Maker, like cutting lines.

A few things to keep in mind: In some cases, the iPad won’t be able to calibrate the machine correctly. It’s easier to find and install new fonts on a laptop than on a computer.

The top three devices for the Cricut Design Space

If you want to buy a top-of-the-line machine for the Cricut, here are a few that we think are good.

In order to see more, check out the 9 Best Laptops for the Cricut.

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FAQs on Cricut Design Space IPad Vs Laptop Computer

In this section, we’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions people have asked us about.

Is it possible to use an Apple pencil with the design space for the Cricut machine?

In Cricut Design Space, an Apple pencil can’t be used right away. But, for example, you can use the Apple pencil in the Procreate app to make designs. Then, move the designs and patterns from Procreate to the app called Cricut Design Space.

Do I need a Laptop computer for Cricut?

You don’t need a laptop to use the Cricut computer. As well as on a Mac or PC, you can also use the Cricut Design Space app on your iPhone or iPad. However, most crafters prefer to use the laptop version of the computer. Some people are happy with the apps on their phones. If you use the iOS app version of the software, you won’t be able to use some features, and you won’t be able to use others on your laptop computer. As an example, it’s easier to download a font on a PC than on an iPad.

Can I use my Cricut with my phone?

For iOS and Android users, there is a phone version of Cricut that works. When you tap on a project, you can change or design it with ease thanks to things like smart guides. As a result, some features are not available on the phone version. They are only available on the laptop or computer.

Conclusion on Cricut Design Space IPad Vs Laptop Computer

Work with a Cricut machine and the Cricut Design Space computer on both an iPad and a laptop As a result, both of the app versions don’t have all of the features that the other one does.

To figure out if you should get an iPad or a laptop computer, think about which software or app you use the most when you make your designs. In general, laptop computers are easier to use if you haven’t used anything else yet.

Then, are there any features of Cricut Design Space that are important to you that are only available on a laptop computer or on an iPad? If so, that will tell you what to do.

Thank you for reading this very detailed guide. We hope it helped you make a choice. You can ask us anything in the comments below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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